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Specsavers – Hounslow – Can She Get Out of That!!

I had an eye test booked at Specsavers in Hounslow. I turned up in plenty of time and was browsing the frames when a Specsavers member of staff came up to where we were and called my name, I replied yes that’s me. She then turned to the man standing on my left and asked him “can she get out of her chair?”. (Thank heavens “he” was my husband). I snapped in with “yes, I can”.

What infuriates me the most, is two main things:

  1. How did she know I was actually with the man on my left and not just another customer I happen to be speaking with….She never once confirmed if this man was even with me!! Just assumed!! We were not having a conversation at the time or holding hands, or anything.
  2. I was the one who answered her when she called my name. So obviously I am more than capable of answering for myself!

She took me into the first assessment area and pointed to a wooden chair. Said nothing, just pointed. So I waited and nothing…….”Oh, you want me to sit in that?” I say. Yes, she replied. I went on to explain how I had many tests previously at this store and never needed to get out of my chair before. All it requires is for me to position my chair in front of the machine and all should be well. Needless to say, this worked like a dream.

This may seem impossible but this is really the first time this has happened to me since the age of 14. I was in complete shock! I felt very insignificant and ignored. I actually felt so embarrassed, I couldn’t get out of the store quick enough but still had to choose frames and pay for them.

This not only shows a lack of staff training but also how disabled people are perceived in general. I have tweeted to Specsavers, if I get no reply, I will be emailing them.

***UPDATE*** – 7/6/19
I received a phone call from who I assume to be the store manager. I have to say, he did indeed seem sincere in his apology and explained how the staff do in fact have disability training! I said how it obviously is not working.

It has been arranged that when I go to pick up my glasses next week, we will talk more about what happened and how things can be improved. So fingers crossed for a positive outcome. I will update again after I have spoken with him next week.

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