Store front of Bon March store in Hounslow

Thumbs up for Bon Marche – Hounslow

I was in Bon Marche Hounslow yesterday, 11/4/19 to pick an order I had placed online. While browsing through the clothes, the new store manager came up to me and explained that he was re-designing the floor displays and wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for wheelchair access, he asked if I wouldn’t mind taking the time to take a look around the store and check all was good for access. Wow, I was delighted that a store was actually bothered about access and actually came to me, rather than wait for a complaint. Of course, I said yes.

Some of you may remember I did, in fact, have one or two issues re access in the past and Bon Marche actually made the changes necessary for improvement. It is wonderful to see that this store/company are still being conscientious in their approach to store layout.

Please keep up the good work Bon Marche!!

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