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Zizzi’s Disabled Toilet – Unfit for Purpose!

It was my friends birthday a couple of weeks ago and I was to book a table at Zizzi’s in Twickenham as both myself and my friend are wheelchair users, so wanted to make sure we were seated appropriately. I enquired about their disabled toilet, did they have one, would we be seated near enough so we didn’t disturb too many other customers etc.

The lady I spoke with said she would show me the toilet and I could decide if it was adequate…….Well…..What do you think?

What you are seeing is the full size of the toilet….Yes, honestly!! The door opens outwards but the corridor is so narrow the door has to open up at it’s fullest, up against the wall just so you can actually get past. I was told the bin on the right could be removed….So nice of them! The toilet is so small my chair wouldn’t even fit so the door could close behind me and even if it did, it would mean I would have to climb over my armrest to sit on the loo.

Now I have seen some pretty awful toilets but this is only fit for a dolls house!!!

I have emailed the head office, so we will see what they have to say.

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